For The First Time In History, Protestants No Longer Make Up A Majority Of The U.S. Population

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released its most recent survey, Nones” on the Rise, today. ‘Nones,’ a term coined in the sixties, refers to people who do not affiliate with a religion when surveyed.

And — for the first time in history, according to the AP — Protestants no longer make up the majority of the American population.

pew forum nones

Photo: Pew Forum

The survey also found that the amount of ‘nones’ in the United States is growing at an unprecedented pace. One in five Americans — and one third of adults under 30 — do not affiliate with any religion. The report claims that the rise of ‘nones’ has helped to push Protestantism from majority status and have become an important part of the electorate:

Pew forum nones

Photo: Pew Fourm

 The rise of ‘Nones:’

Pew forum 'nones'

Photo: Pew Forum

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