Protest Outside Goldman Sachs Today At 4:00 PM


Outraged over the fact that the “AIG (AIG) bailout” was just a backroom deal to prop up Goldman Sachs (GS)? Now’s your chance to let the world know, and we’re not just talking about letting the world know in the comments section of Clusterstock.

Various groups including ACORN,, Rock The Vote, and Catholics United have planned a protest for 4:00 PM TODAY outside of Goldman Sachs’ headquarters at 85 Broad St. in Manhattan. It’s one of many simultaneous protests going on today around the country, so you can check here to see if there’s one in your city.

So, who wants to head out there and cover it for us? If you’ve got a camera (or maybe a Flip video camera) we’d love it if you got out there, took some pictures, maybe asked some probing questions about credit default swaps and let us know how it goes. Any takers?

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