Prostitute's Price: A $30 Box Of Chips


Well gee, this is probably the most depressing story you’re going to read all day. Figured you should just get it out of the way early.

An Oklahoma City woman has pleaded no contest to prostitution charges after agreeing to service an un-named John for… get ready for this… a $30 box of Frito-Lay (PEP) chips. No, really. The prostitute agreed to service the guy for a box of chips, cause he didn’t have any money.

Now let’s just count the ways this whole story is messed up beyond belief.

First of all, $30 box of chips! So depressing.

Second, only her name is in the story and only she was arrested. That’s totally appalling. The man is just described as a “Frito-Lay Employee.” He was probably all like “Please, please don’t put my name in the paper, or my employer Frito-Lay will have me fired for bringing ill-repute to the fine organisation.” And since h wasn’t arrested, nobody gave out his name. Yet here’s the prostitute, mug-shot and all, faced with the humiliation of having charged $30.

And then going back to the fee. Hello, deflation? It’s here. When service-sector workers are charging this little, that tells you all you need to know. The story might even come up during the Fed’s meeting today, just as more of an excuse to keep pumping money into the system.


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