Prosecutors Are Taking Opposite Sides In Arizona's Abortion Fight

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A Republican and a Democrat prosecutor in Arizona are facing off over the state’s controversial new limits on abortions.Abortion-rights groups are seeking a judicial order blocking enforcement of the new law, which bans abortions starting at the 20th week of pregnancy and two prominent county attorneys in the state are standing on opposite sides of the battle, the Associated Press reported Sunday.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, a Republican, has opposed the request saying the ban protects women and fetuses.

But Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall, a Democrat, is siding with the abortion-rights groups for now. She claims the ban shouldn’t be enacted until the courts decide whether the new law violates Supreme Court precedent barring abortion bans before fetuses are viable outside the womb.

Both Montgomery and LaWall will have to enforce the ban if it ultimately is enacted.

The case has a hearing scheduled for Wednesday and the ban is slated to take effect Aug. 2, according to the AP.

In the meantime, Attorney General Tom Horne and Arizona Medical Board Executive Director Lisa Wynn have publicly supported Montgomery’s opposition to the challenge.

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