Look At The Terrifying Warning Labels The FDA Wants To Put On Cigarettes


Today the Food and Drug Administration proposed the Required Warnings for Cigarette Packages and Advertisements rule. These new coloured labels, which would take up at least the top 50% of the cigarette box, will be required on all cigarette boxes by June 22, 2011.

These same labels would cover at least 20% of every cigarette advertisement, which could really get in the way of those southwestern landscapes.

WARNING: Cigarettes are addictive.

WARNING: Tobacco smoke can harm your children.

WARNING: Cigarettes cause fatal lung disease.

WARNING: Cigarettes cause cancer.

WARNING: Cigarettes cause strokes and heart disease.

WARNING: Smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby.

WARNING: Smoking can kill you.

WARNING: Tobacco smoke causes fatal lung disease in nonsmokers.

WARNING: Quitting smoking now greatly reduces serious risks to your health.

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