Here's What Old Street Roundabout Might Look Like In The Future

Old Street, the Tube station at the heart of London’s “Silicon Roundabout,” is being considered for a major renovation. A proposal from Transport for London is is open for comment from the public until Jan. 11.

The Tube station, which services the city’s fast-growing tech center, could use an update. It still sports a 1990s-style metal frame structure that supports advertisements. 

The proposal includes closing the roundabout’s northwest arm to create a larger space for pedestrians and adding more cycle lanes. Bikes now make up almost one-third of all vehicles at the Old Street roundabout during the busiest times in the morning, according to Transport for London.

Here is a concept image of the new roundabout:

This is what it looks like now:

With the 1990s-style metal structure and ads:

The frame will stay in place, but everything else will change:

There will be separated lanes for cyclists:

Here’s a proposed layout of the new roundabout:

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