Proof That This Man Is The King Of Google+

robert scoble

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Robert Scoble is, without question, the King of Google+, Google’s fledgling social network.Whether or not that’s a good thing for Google+ is a question open to debate, but on a personal level, it’s been good for me.

In advance of CES, Scoble threw me and a few other SAI writers into a circle called, “Consumer Electronics Show writers to watch.”

After being thrown in the circle, my followers spiked. This past round added more than 1,000 new followers. Followers on Google+ usually come along at a slow, trickling pace.

Call it the Robert Scoble effect. He’s an insanely prolific writer on Google+ and uses it as one of his main channels to distribute news and commentary.

He has around 213,000 followers, which is nothing compared to Mark Zuckerberg at  619,000 followers, but then again Zuckerberg hasn’t really shared anything on the Internet.

It’s also worth noting that Google+ isn’t giving me a bunch of SPAM followers. I get real, live interactions with people on Google+. So, for all of the hipsters in the Valley and elsewhere that want to say Google+ is a flop, I suggest you bit your tongue. It’s very much alive.

(You should also check out Scoble’s Google+ profile yourself.)