Proof That Google Is Beating Apple On The iPhone

apple maps iphone 5We searched for a cafe in New York using Apple Maps. This is what we got.

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With the launch of Google Maps on iPhone last week, Google won a big victory against rival Apple.Google Maps trumps Apple Maps in almost every conceivable way. 

But it doesn’t stop there. The recent string of updated Google apps on the iPhone like Gmail and the regular Google search app (which mimics some of Siri’s voice-controlled functions) are a lot better than Apple’s stock apps. 

(By the way, Google isn’t alone. Just about every Apple-made app that comes with your iPhone can be replaced by a better app.)

Need proof?

All you have to do is look.

Here's what Union Square in New York City looks like on Google Maps. You can see venue names, but more importantly you get detailed information on public transit.

Here's the same area in Apple Maps. You don't get public transit information and it's missing a lot of other data that pops up automatically in Google Maps.

Searching for venues on Google Maps is a breeze. We searched for a cafe called Medina near Business Insider's headquarters. The app took our location into account.

Boom! Google Maps knew exactly what we were talking about. Now let's try searching for Medina in Apple Maps...

Saudi Arabia? That's going to be a long lunch break.

Google is really good at finding addresses based on your location. You don't even need to type out the full address.

But Apple Maps gets confused by many address inquiries.

Venue reviews are better with Google Maps too. The app pulls in Zagat ratings and reviews. You can view them all within the app.

We tried looking up the same venue in Apple Maps, but the app couldn't even find it!

After typing in the EXACT address of Shake Shack, we finally got to the venue's review page in Apple Maps. Apple Maps uses Yelp reviews. But if you want to read more than the top handful of reviews...'re forced to switch to Yelp's app. Annoying!

If you live in a city that relies on public transit, Google Maps is a dream. Let's go to Columbus Circle from Business Insider's headquarters. We tap the car icon in the bottom left of our screen...

And boom! Here's the directions page. All we have to do is tap over to see subway directions. Now, what do we do if we need public transit directions in Apple Maps?

But Apple Maps can't handle public transit directions. In fact, it just gives us a list of other apps we can download to help us out. Lame! (Ironically, Google Maps is listed as one of the apps we can use to really find our way around on the subway).

Ok. Time to stop picking on Apple Maps. This year, Apple removed the built-in YouTube app on the iPhone, so Google had to make its own YouTube app. The new YouTube app is really, really nice.

We love the slide-over menu.

And it's a good thing YouTube made a new app for the iPhone. Look how ugly the Apple-made YouTube app was. Good riddance!

This is Google's new Gmail app for iPhone. If you're a Gmail user, it's way better than Apple's built-in Mail app for iPhone. Search is a lot better, and it syncs things like deleted/archived messages better than Apple can.

We like how we can add multiple Gmail accounts to Google's app. (On the other hand, Apple's Mail app lets you view messages from multiple accounts in a unified inbox, which may be better for some people.)

Threaded messages in the Gmail app for iPhone look really nice.

Threaded messages in Apple's Mail app don't look as good though.

Google's Chrome browser has a lot of unique advantages over Apple's Safari on the iPhone. We love how easy it is to manage tabs in Chrome.

But Safari makes you dig around a lot to open new tabs.

Chrome also makes it really easy to view the full desktop version of a website.

Safari makes you dig around a website and find a special link to view the desktop version.

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