Proof That Drawing Eyes On Your Helmet Won’t Stop Magpies Hitting You In The Head

Picture: Amber and Billo’s, Star FM

Magpie swooping season is a great time of the year in Australia, especially if you don’t live near magpies.

September and October is their breeding season, and they get increasingly protective of eggs and hatchlings.

Yes, they will hit you if you walk roughly within 50m of their nest, or ride within 100m on your bike.

And there are few more entertaining sights than watching an elderly neighbour try to mow a lawn while wearing a bike helmet with a couple of eyes stuck on the back.

Because, y’know, magpies won’t swoop you if they think you’re looking at them, right?


Mildura’s Star FM breakfast announcer Amber Wheatland decided to test the theory. The result will make your day:

Here’s one of the several moments the magpie actually made contact with Amber’s head while she screamed “GET MUM GET MUM” and “THE EYES DON’T WORK THE EYES DON’T WORK THE EYES DON’T WORK THE EYES DON’T WORK”.

Aussie myth busted – the fake eyes failed. The branches, however, seemed to work a treat.

So while it’s disappointing to think we might be seeing fewer elderly lawn-mowers wearing stackhats with eyes, hopefully they’ll be replaced with branches.

Swings and roundabouts, as they say.