PROOF: Blondes Are Better Fundraisers Than Brunettes*

latvia blondes

Sorry brunettes, blondes have trumped you yet again.

This time, it’s with their fundraising abilities. Or should we say attributes?

A 2008 study by Michael Prince for the Department of Resource Economics conducted a door-to-door fundraising experiment to see if physical attributes, specifically hair colour, play a role in how much is raised (via @bakadesuyo). This goes hand in hand with an earlier study we posted about blondes making more money than brunettes.

Blondes in the study raised from 71.6% to 76% more than brunettes.

They were only more successful, however, when asking Caucasians for money. At non-Caucasian households, blondes received significantly less money than brunettes.

Race didn’t seem to make much difference in fundraising ability either. “There is no discern able difference across household types for both brunette and minority females,” Price writes.

He concludes, “Empirical results suggest that [the amount of money raised] is, on average, greater for blonde females but depend critically on characteristics of the potential donor.”

If you’re trying to raise money, know who you’re pitching to and dye hair accordingly.

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