Meet The YouTube Makeup Artist Who Can Transform Into Anyone

Photo: Screenshot via dope2111 YouTube video

Promise Tamang-Phan doesn’t live the glamorous lives that A-list celebrities do. But she has helped 676,000 subscribers pull celebrities’ looks through expertise make-up tutorials on her YouTube channel, dope2111.In each video, Tamang-Phan instructs viewers how to achieve the same look using everyday make-up and easy-to-follow techniques.

She has uploaded over 70 videos of her transformations into famous names like Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga. These videos’ over 114 million views has established Tamang-Phan as one of the best make-up artists on the web.

We’ve compiled screenshots of her best transformations (including the Snooki look her husband created).

In one of Tamang-Phan's most recent videos, she took on popular singer Adele.

Tamang-Phan's finished Adele look.

Tamang-Phan said it was a challenge for her to soften her features to emulate Jessica Alba.

But she pulled off a great Jessica Alba.

Tamang-Phan's first task in capturing Drake's look is slicking her hair back.

She used black paint to create fake face stubble.

The Drake transformation shows Tamang-Phan can even turn into a man.

Tamang-Phan contoured her face and used bold eyeshadow and lip liner/lipstick colours to create the Nicki Minaj look.

Tamang-Phan had to conceal her eyebrows for Da Vinci's Mona Lisa look. To do this, she used a glue stick to thin them out.

Her impressive rendition of the Mona Lisa.

She channels Marilyn Monroe through ultra-red lipstick, curvy lashes and blonde, bouncy curls.

As Justin Bieber.

Tamang-Phan used flesh latex to create scales. Is she transforming into a fish?

Nope. Instead, she's going for the Mystique from X-Men look.

Tamang-Phan's husband, Steve, applied some dark foundation to transform her into Snooki.

Tamang-Phan is less than amused at the outcome.

Want to see a look that's back from the dead?

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