PROKHOROV: Russia Doesn’t Need A Revolution

Mikhail Prokhorov

[credit provider=”Alexey Sazonov/Getty Images”]

Mikhail Prokhorov, the oligarch owner of the New Jersey Nets and Russian presidential candidate, has written an article for The Guardian that gives western readers a glimpse into his political ambitions.The article, titled “Russia needs to change – but by evolution not revolution” may not be as sternly worded as critics of Putin’s Russia might have hoped. Though of course this may be a pragmatic decision, and not a sign that Prokhorov is just a pawn in Putin’s reelection campaign (a popular theory doing the rounds at the moment).

Prokhorov does make a thoughtful call for reform, arguing against state monopolies, a heavy reliance on oil, and corruption that plague Russia. Additionally, following his calls for Russia to join the euro, he makes an impassioned plea to look to the West:

At last, we need to decide once and for all that we are a part of greater Europe, and that we share the values of European democracies. For too many years we have been obsessed with the notion that Russia has its own “special” fate, separate and distinct from everyone else. And, as a result, we are often regarded with mistrust and as somehow separate by everyone else. For the first time in a long time, we are not under any threat of attack from outside enemies. Let us take our seat at the table of developed nations as a fully fledged partner, and choose the path of democratic development and respect for inalienable human rights that is our rightful heritage.

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