Watch 'Laser Makeup' Transform This Model's Face In Real-Time

Omote projection mappingNobumichi AsaiNo, this isn’t CGI.

Here’s a pretty mind-blowing combination of art and technology.

Using highly precise light projectors, a person’s face can be make to look like it’s being altered in real-time through “Projection-mapping.”

Projection-mapping is the art of focusing light onto an object to give it the illusion of movement and depth.

It can be tough to explain, but an easy way to think about it is to remember what it looks like when someone walks in front of a projector during a movie or presentation.

Besides throwing up a hand to shield their eyes, you momentarily see their face covered by a blurry version of whatever is supposed to be on the screen.

Now imagine if that projector could track a person’s face and cast extremely focused light onto them to change their appearance.

That’s exactly what happens in Nobumichi Asai’s new projection mapping demo, which shows how a model’s face can be transformed using the technology. We first saw the video over at The Verge.

First, the dimensions and contours of the model’s face are scanned into the system. The model wears those tiny dots to allow the system to track her exact movements and position.

A digital projection can then be applied to the model’s face using projection mapping (watch her eyebrows appear).

Of course, the coolest thing about this technology is that you’re only limited by your imagination. It’s now actually possible to morph and transform someone’s features into a cyborg, all in real-time.

Projection mapping is frequently used by visual artists and during concerts or product demos, but it’s interesting to see how precise the technology has become in smaller scale experiments.

There isn’t much of a use for it, now, but in the future artisists, entertainers, and technologists will likely think up novel uses.

You can watch Nobumichi Asai’s full projection mapping video below.

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