A Low-Budget High School Comedy Was The Most Pirated Movie Of 2012

project x movie
Partying high schoolers in Project X.

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Project X, a movie about three high school seniors throwing a crazy party, was illegally downloaded 8.7 million times in 2012, more than any other movie, TorrentFreak reports.TorrentFreak compiled the list of the most-downloaded movies using various sources, including public BitTorrent trackers.

Project X’s number-one rank is surprising since it was the lowest-grossing of the films that were frequently downloaded, bringing in $100,931,865, according to TorrentFreak.

The 10th most-downloaded, on the other hand, The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1, made $712,171, 856 at the box office.

So, why did Project X get the dubious distinction of being the most downloaded?

Yahoo UK Movie News pointed out the film was R-rated, so younger fans might have illegally downloaded it because they weren’t old enough to watch it in theatres.

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