Riot Police Called To Tiny Dutch Town After Thousands Turn Up For Teenager's Party

According to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, riot police have had to be called in after a teenagers Facebook event saw thousands of revelers descend on the small suburban town of Haren (pop. 18,000).

The video below was uploaded half an hour ago and shows riot police in a stand off.


Dutch media is also reporting on that journalists are being attacked by the crowd.

Incredibly, this whole thing apparently began as a simple Facebook event for a 16-year-old’s birthday party. When the birthday girl didn’t set to event to “private”, the event swiftly went viral and thousands of strangers said they would be attending. Enterprising guests began creating viral videos, “official websites” and t-shirts, dubbing the event “Project X Haren” (a reference to an American movie about a wild party). According to Volkskrant, 30,000 people eventually signed up to attend the party.

Here’s one video that was made to promote the party:


According to, the family of the birthday girl have now gone into hiding, and police took various measures including removing street signs, closing roads, and banning the sale of alcohol.

These measures appear to have failed. De Telegraaf reports that the situation is “completely out of hand”, with police officers being pelted with bottles and stones, and street signs and cars being destroyed.

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