Check Out The Gorgeous Video Game Microsoft Showed Off Today That Had Geeks Drooling

Project Spark 1

“Project Spark” made big waves at Microsoft’s event today.

The creation game, a Microsoft exclusive, allows players to construct and mould environments with the in-depth option to orchestrate gameplay too.

“Spark” looks to differentiate itself from similar world-building games such as “Minecraft” by introducing a set of in-game developer tools.

The tools give a unique flavour to “Spark,” as they allow players to minutely customise everything from the number of enemies to how those enemies initiate combat.

It goes much deeper than that, and it’s this level of customisation that has people excited.

Where games like “Minecraft” allow for infinitely diverse environments, “Project Spark” ‘s added combat and game mechanics will allow players to create their very own game.

Microsoft demoed that very process during their Windows 8.1 event today, showing how a “Project Spark” environment could be designed on a Windows PC, ported to a living room’s Xbox One, and then tested out.

All within minutes.

There are snowy tundras that can be moulded to your liking...

....or even jungle landscapes. You can also start from scratch.

Microsoft showed how you can start designing an environment on a PC.

Here, a player begins the process of building an environment.

....slowly adding artifacts...

...then more textures and lighting effects...

...and finally designing your characters. Here, an enemy's movements and location are being decided.

Even the types of attacks are customisable.

Once you've done the heavy lifting, you can save your work and send it to an Xbox One and give it a test drive.

Everyone's game will vary depending on the amount of detail they choose to implement.

Here you can see how radically the landscapes can differ.

Or even the fundamental basis for the game can be different.

Once you've made a game, you can share it with everyone online, and give their games a try too.

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