Here's how much money you can make as a programmer in 6 of America's startup hotspots

The demand for tech workers in America is shooting through the roof, and it’s a lucrative time to be a coder. Last year, the average salary for the tech industry closed in on $US100,000 per year.

And it’s not just happening in Silicon Valley, but in cities all over the country — like Austin, LA, and New York.

But which cities have the highest paying tech jobs?

Hired, a job placement marketplace for tech workers, has compiled a list of the best cities in America to be a programmer, based on salary. They pulled the average salary for “Senior Software Engineers,” which is a good indication of the best place to actually build a career — not just get a relatively high starting salary and then fizzle out.

Here’s how 6 of America’s startup hotspots stack up against each other on salary:

5. Austin: $117,883

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Austin's high-tech area began to be called 'Silicon Hills' during the 1990s. The home of technology and art festival South By Soutwest has seen a slew of prominent semiconductor firms, as well as software companies. Startups are drawn to Austin's offbeat side, embodied by the popular mantra: 'Keep Austin Weird.'

4. Boston: $126,328

Boston runs on talent that comes out of universities like Harvard and MIT, and programs like TechStars Boston, Mass Challenge, and Startup Institute Boston which mentor entrepreneurs. The city has produced success stories like Carbonite, Zipcar, and Trip Advisor.

Read more about Boston's tech scene.

3. LA: $129,324

Hollywood Sign and Los Angeles by Eugene Kim

LA has seen some major tech acquisitions in recent years. Facebook bought Oculus VR for $US2 billion, Disney bought Maker Studios for $US950 million, and Apple got Beats for $US3.2 billion. The hottest startup in LA is probably Snapchat, which signed a 10-year lease on an office in Venice Beach.

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1. San Francisco Bay Area: $141,579


Silicon Valley and San Francisco need no introduction. The birthplace of the modern tech industry in America continues to give the best salaries to programmers. But rising housing costs might make some coders think twice before moving to the mecca of startups.

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