A programmer put together this great checklist for startup founders that included a funny warning

There’s a project gaining popularity on GitHub, the website where programmers share their projects with each other, called “Startup Incorporation Checklist”

The checklist was created by Leo Hochberg, founder of startups Stampnik and Let’s Maybe.

“Other than building a product people want, incorporating a new business is essential to raising money, opening a bank account, and creating a legal entity for contracts and other liabilities. For technical folks like me, it’s the ‘necessary evil,’ of founding a company,” Hochberg writes on GitHub.

One funny thing stuck out. Among the couple of notes at the top (the process takes several weeks, you should consult a lawyer, etc.) he warned: “Many steps require the use of snail mail or a fax machine.”

No doubt, there are people founding a company these days who have never operated a fax machine.

So Hochberg offered some advice. He found an app, HelloFax, which sends faxes without a fax machine. It’s still possible to buy a fax machine, of course. Or to run by Kinkos and use one. But developers would, naturally, prefer an app.

HelloFax is the sister service to HelloSign and when the checklist went viral on Hacker News, the co-founder couldn’t help but jump in with a comment and a plug for his document services to which Hochberg responded, “Thanks for building a great service and down with the fax machines.”

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