Watch A Bunch Of Professors Read Mean Reviews From Their Students

Lehigh University recently allowed some of their professors to speak their minds about the classes they teach, filming them reading negative reviews by students on the website Rate My Professor.

Inspired by a running segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” — where celebrities read critical tweets about themselves — Lehigh got professors from a range of disciplines to read and react to their students’ anonymous critiques. Some of the professors took the opportunity to show their students just how wrong they really are.

“This says I’m ‘useless to the [Integrated Product Development] program, general moron’ … General moron? Useless to the IPD program? Hell, I started the dang IPD program,” one professor said.

Another professor showed a comment that was just a single word — “awefull” (spelled as is).

Watch the Lehigh professors’ video below:

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