Professor Says Veterinary School Is A Bigger Scam Than Law School

VetA Louisiana veterinarian

Photo: John Moore/Getty Images News

Moritz College of Law professor Steven Davidoff has a major problem with the notion that law school is a “bubble” or a “scam.”Nobody ever calls veterinary school a scam, even though those graduates are even worse off than lawyers, Davidoff pointed out in a New York Times article on Tuesday.

Veterinary school tuition has doubled in the past decade to $200,000, while vets typically earn $66,469 – far less than lawyers.

But young people keep applying to veterinary school, he pointed out.

And law school applications have dropped precipitously.

University of Colorado law professor Paul Campos, who writes the blog “Inside the Law School Scam,” conceded in an interview with Business Insider that anybody with student loans faces huge burdens.

But, Campos called law schools the “canary in the coal mine because we’re so expensive and so time-consuming.”

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