White, male professor masqueraded as a female immigrant of colour on Twitter to make sexist and racist comments

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) in Durham, New Hampshire. Denis Tangney Jr./Getty Images

A white male university professor has quit after posing as a female immigrant of colour on Twitter to make sexist and racist comments.

The assistant chemistry professor at the University of New Hampshire, who the Daily Beast has identified, used the now-deleted account ‘The Science Femme, Woman in STEM’ and the Twitter handle @piney_the, according to the Portsmouth Herald.

The account, taken down on September 29, was routinely sexist, racist, and transphobic. He was also accused of attacking mostly women of colour who disagreed with him and encouraging his followers to do the same, the Associated Press reported.

In one tweet on his account with 13,000 followers, he wrote: “Here it is: I was successful in killing my dept’s woke statement on recent social unrest. This took several weeks and may have permanently burned some bridges, but I think it’s important. It is a toxic ideology that cannot be given an inch.”

In that same thread, he concluded: “I was successful in removing all woke terminology from the statement including anti-racism, white supremacy, white privilege, and claims of systemic racism.”

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He has also been accused of cyberstalking and harassing former California Congresswoman Katie Hill, who resigned in 2019 after nude photos of her were leaked, the Portsmouth Herald added.

The University of New Hampshire’s investigation into the account was first announced last September after information was shared on Reddit and Twitter by an anonymous source within the chemistry department, the college newspaper, The New Hampshire noted.

In a statement seen by The New Hampshire, University President James Dean Jr. said: “UNH remains committed to the fundamental principles of diversity, inclusion and equity as well as the right to free speech.

“Our mission requires open and honest debate on difficult issues, and we will continue to create opportunities for dialogue as we move forward from this difficult situation.”