This New Jersey Physics Professor Was Just Arrested For Running A Prostitution Website

david flory


David Flory, a physics professor at Farleigh Dickinson, was arrested Sunday in New Mexico and accused of running a prostitution website with 200 women, and more than 1,200 “johns,” according to the Boston Herald.Flory, who holds a master’s degree from Columbia and a doctorate from Yeshiva, has a vacation home in Santa Fe, and ran the website, called Southwest Companion mostly from his home in New York. Flory was charged with more than 40 counts of promoting prostitution along with several other charges.

Flory told the police he didn’t make any money off the website, and saw it more as a hobby and setting up a safe place for men to find female prostitutes.

The website is very secure. First time visitors had to sleep with a prostitute before gaining Flory’s trust and then they were designated as “verified” users. But the third step, was becoming a “trusted” user. This status was only for frequent users and being a “trusted” user gave access to more women, message boards which ranked the prostitutes, and instructions on what to do if caught by the police.

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