Producers On Jennifer Aniston's Movie Set Are Paying Locals $300 To Stay Away

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston on the set of her latest film, where locals are being paid to stay away.

Photo: Splash News Video/Celebuzz

Residents of Greenwich, Conn. shouldn’t plan on cozying up to Jennifer Aniston despite her latest movie “Untitled Elmore Leonard Project” filming in the town.”The production company has been paying all the neighbours $300, I guess as an inconvenience fee,” to stay away from set, local resident Leon Jaworoski revealed to Celebuzz.

“We had asked if we could take pictures for fun because they are shooting right in front of our homes, but they said absolutely not,” Jaworoski said. “At one point paparazzi were on our lawn, but the police chased them away and told them to wait in their cars or off the property.”

“It got pretty hectic here,” he added. “It took them several hours to set up a scene for only a few minutes of filming Jennifer on the street in the neighbourhood.”

The film, an adaptation of the Elmore Leonard novel “The Switch” also stars Isla Fisher, Tim Robbins, Mos Def and Will Forte.

Set for a 2014 release, the film is a comedy about two criminals who team up to kidnap the wife of a corrupt real estate developer — but the plan clearly goes awry.

A set insider tells Celebuzz: 

“Producers were upset that some locals were shouting out Jennifer’s name and using flash photography to try and get pictures of her. They also found out that some paparazzi had paid a local resident to use their property to shoot Jennifer on the set. So when they moved to more rural location, they wanted to try and work with the local residents to make sure nothing like that happened again.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the production confirmed and explained the payment of locals:

“Inconvenience fees are a common practice in the industry. Ours were paid to residents surrounding a shoot location so we could park equipment and trucks in their driveways or place lighting instruments and machinery on their property.”

But locals aren’t the only ones who think Aniston is being cold on-set.

A film insider tells RadarOnline, “Jen’s private trailer is miles away from the set, but she heads all the way back there each day to eat her lunch away from everyone else … all the actors ride in normal production vans when they head to lunch, but Jen has her own luxury SUV.”

“Her behaviour is a clear indicator to everyone that she’s not approachable,” added the source.

Watch paparazzi video of the on-set shoot below:

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