Pro Wrestling SHOULD Matter!

We all know the whole thing that WWE and Impact Wrestling’s doing, or should I say we know what WWE’s doing and Impact Wrestling is reacting to it. Vince McMahon officially took out “wrestling” out of the WWE. I guess it’s the final step into “sports-entertainment.”

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling “changed” their name to Impact Wrestling. To go along with their “slap” to WWE’s face, Impact Wrestling’s latest tag line is “Wrestling Matters.” Really? Does wrestling matter in Impact Wrestling? If so, why did Jeff Hardy come to the ring under the influence of something? Why was Sting their World Heavyweight Champion? Why is Ken Anderson their current World Heavyweight Champion? Sting’s past his prime, Anderson is over-pushed, and Hardy should be in jail months ago.

I wanted to write this piece to vent my distaste towards not just Impact Wrestling, because that’s unfair, but to WWE as well. The business of professional wrestling isn’t what it once was. It’s not a bad thing that it’s directed towards kids, because that’s how my generation and older got into the business, it was targeted towards us.

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