Driver of medical motorcycle hits pro cyclist, sends him brutally crashing to the ground

The driver of a medical motorcycle struck a cyclist from behind and sent him crashing to the ground in a bike race in Belgium on Sunday.

The rider, Belgian Stig Broeckx, 25, was taken to the hospital.

He was sitting upright after hitting the ground.

It was not immediately clear what his injuries were.

Here’s the moment the motorcycle driver hit Broeckx:

Broeckx rides for the Lotto-Soudal team and was racing in the Kurne-Brussels-Kurne semi-classic, one of the opening races of the famed Belgian cobbled-classic season.

It’s the latest in a series of crashes involving riders and cars and motorocycles.

Last year a motorist struck a cyclist:

In the 2011 Tour de France, a French television car crashed into riders, sending one of them flying into barbed wire:

You can watch a little more of Broeckx’s crash below:


More to come.

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