Prize Australian Alpaca Sold To New Zealand Breeder For $175,000

Getty/Christopher Furlong

After a rough run, this sale of a top shelf Alpaca is being heralded as good sign for the industry.

EP Cambridge stud owner Matthew Lloyd said he sold a top animal to a New Zealand breeder for $175,000. The industry, like many others, has taken a beating from poor economic conditions and drought.

“There have been lots of ups and downs but it dawned on me about five or six years ago that no matter what you’re in, whether it be racehorses or pigeons or alpacas, no matter how small the market is, there’s always an appetite for the very best,” Lloyd said, in an article by Verity Edwards at The Australian.

Alpacas are used for guarding sheep against foxes, fleece and for meat. According to the article, there is a growing taste for alpaca meat on Australia’s east coast, particularly in Sydney.

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