How To Fly In A Private Jet For Less Than The Cost Of A Commercial Airline Ticket

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Photo: mariachily via Flickr

Thought you would never be able to foot the bill for a private jet?Just to prove that everyone can afford to fly in one, Social Flights, LLC, is selling empty seats on already booked flights for $150 a pop (for a limited time only, of course).

Although other vendors have been peddling these “empty legs” for years, they’ve never done so by pandering directly to the poor.

In a revolution against what it calls “an abysmal experience that robs you of your time and adds stress to your life,” the startup wants to provide the masses with an alternative to traditional commercial airline travel.

Social Flights also encourages users to split the bill by joining “travel tribes,” city-based social networking groups meant to connect people with similar travel dates or desires. But money and collective bargaining power aside, why fly to your next business meeting alone with your boss when you can go on a party jet?

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