Designing The Inside Of A Private Jet Is A Lot Like Decorating A Home

jet interior design
An interior designed by RDI

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Anything people can do in their homes, they now want to be able to do in their private jets, according to Steve Wagner, co-designer of jet interior design firm Rob DiNic Interior.The cost of decorating the interior of a jet can sometimes surpass the actual cost of the plane, once extras like cashmere throws, gold-plated fixtures, and Ferrari leather are factored in.

Clients tend to spend anywhere from a few hundred thousand dollars to upwards of $1.5 million decorating the insides of their jets, Wagner said.

RDI gets requests for everything from embossed leather to sound technology that lets every person on board play a different kind of music. The most common amenities, however, are flat-screen or pop-up televisions, wi-fi capability and swing arms between seats.

Some customers just want whatever is new or trendy, while others want the plane fully customised, Wagner said, adding, “whatever the factory is doing, and they put on the 2013 Beechjet [a common private plane]—people want to copy that.”

Wagner said he finds the request for gold-plated fixtures inside the plane to be the most absurd item people request.

jet interior design

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Wagner and RDI recently designed a plane for Popeye’s Fried Chicken with Coca-Cola as the sponsor. The main walkway between the seats had the Coca-Cola wave down the middle, and the outside of the plane had Popeye’s face on it.While designing the plane’s interior, decorators use a mix of clients’ requests and their personal knowledge of the industry to create the perfect setup. The most complex part of the design process is the woodwork, which takes a long time because of the shipping, glossing and finishing stages.

Said Wagner, “no matter where people are going, they want every luxury and amenities of a home.”

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