A private-jet company is offering 'Alice in Wonderland' tea parties at 45,000 feet for ultrarich kids

VistaJetVistaJet is offering an ‘Alice in the Sky’ experience for youngsters.
  • VistaJet is offering high-flying kids numerous bespoke, in-flight experiences.
  • Clients can take part in an “Alice in Wonderland”-themed tea party in the sky.
  • The packages start at $US4,000, or £3,000 – not including the $US12,000-an-hour rate for renting the jet itself.

It’s all well and good for the adults who fly around in private jets, but what about their ultrarich offspring?

Fortunately for its high-flying clients, VistaJet has launched numerous experiences for youngsters – including an “Alice in Wonderland”-themed tea party.

VistaJet, a subscription-based jet-charter company, collaborated with the London-based children’s-events company Sharky & George to manage the program.

VisaJet Alice in the SkyVisaJet

The experience starts with fancy dress.

“Once on board, boys and girls can get into costume and will be guided through the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ story by one of our trained entertainers,” the company says.

“For the duration of their flight, children will have the chance to play games and try themed crafts and activities tailored to their age and interests. From hosting their own Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, through to flamingo croquet with hedgehogs as balls, and the Contrariwise game, where everything is done back-to-front and the wrong way around.”

Kids can also get involved in teacup decorating, “giant pocket watch creations,” card-soldier making, and build-your-own Kaleidoscope workshops.

VistaJet Alice in the SkyVisaJet

The experience at 45,000 feet starts at $US4,000, or £3,000 – which is on top of the minimum $US12,000-an-hour cost of renting the jet,Bloomberg reports.

The rates shouldn’t be too much for VistaJet’s clientele, though. Private-jet “members” reportedly have an average net worth of $US670 million to $US1.1 billion.

VistaJet Alice in the SkyVistaJet

Matteo Atti, the executive vice president for marketing and innovation at VistaJet, told Bloomberg that there was a gap in the market for children’s in-flight entertainment.

“Given that one in every four VistaJet flights has a child on board, we saw the opportunity to build something incredibly special for our younger passengers,” Atti said. “If you can trust us with your family, you can trust us with anything.”

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