You can now fly in private jet when you book with Luxury Escapes – but it's not cheap

Airly has teamed up with Luxury Escapes
  • Aussie travellers can now book a private jet through Luxury Escapes.
  • The travel company teamed up with private jet business Airly to offer the luxury travel option.
  • Prices for the trips start at $17,500, with up to four people able to take a flight on the plane.
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Aussie private jet business Airly has teamed up with travel company Luxury Escapes to offer travellers another way to fly.

Through the partnership, Luxury Escapes has new private return charter experiences for up to four people, with destinations including the Whitsundays and the Gold Coast.

Luxury Escapes head of strategic partnerships Darran Kiel told Business Insider Australia via email the partnership came about because of the connection between what both companies offer – luxury private jets and luxury accommodation.

“At Luxury Escapes we have always really loved the Airly business model and have been in conversations with them for a while on how we could provide that next level of experience for our customers,” he said.

“The main objective for us was to find a way to start the holiday experience early for our customers. With the Airly partnership, the holiday starts as soon as they leave their home. We are thrilled to have been able to work with their team and incorporate this experience into our holiday packages.”

Airly is an app-based service that lets you book flights on a private jet and during the pandemic, it saw usage on its app rise 80%. By partnering, Airly can reach new audiences, while Luxury Escapes offers another avenue to travel.

Prices start at $17,500 per person for a two-night stay, with the cost covering the whole jet – complete with four seats – as well as all meals and lounge access.

The are no set times for travel, so once you secure your dates you can choose what time you want to head out.

“It’s a high end way to travel but our pricing is highly competitive when compared to the rest of the market,” Kiel said, adding that “aircraft are currently limited but in the very near future the depth and breadth of jets on offer on Luxury Escapes with mean differing price points will be readily available.”

As the tourism industry calls on Australians to travel locally, Luxury Escapes sees private jets as a safer option for travellers.

“Through this partnership, customers can experience luxury travel through Luxury Escapes’ 5 star resorts paired with the ultimate mode of travel in a private jet,” Kiel added. “The private charter has no additional travellers so is also a safe option.”

So far, the only available Airly charter flight routes are Brisbane to The Whitsundays and Sydney to the Gold Coast. They are offered through Luxury Escapes deals with destinations including the Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort, Artique Surfers Paradise and the RACV Royal Pines Resort.

Luxury Escapes is also planning to launch more routes as borders open up.

“In the future as long as a destination has an airport, we will be able to offer the service,” Kiel said.

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