10 Private Islands That You Can Actually Afford To Rent

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If you thought that private islands were the exclusive domain of the rich and famous, well, you’d be sort of right. Few can afford to buy their own island, and some rental prices are just ridiculous: Richard Branson’s Necker Island, in the British Virgin Islands, goes for $50,000 a night.

But there are actually relatively affordable renting options when it comes to this stuff, the Wall Street Journal points out today. 

We’ve rounded up some additional private islands from around the world that we think you might benefit from knowing about. The cheapest is $632 a week, while the most expensive costs right below $5,000.

With prices from $1,540 per week, Coco Plum Caye sits eight miles off the coast of Belize, and some of the best diving in the world happens here.

For $1,750 a week, you probably get the most intimate experience you could ask for from a private island, or floating house. Utter Inn, which is actually a sort of art installation, is located in Sweden and has underwater accommodation.

Dunbar Rock is home to one of Honduras's most elegant villas. It costs $1,197 a week, and the island was once used by the infamous pirate Blackbeard.

At about $632 a week, Porer Island is a steal. Only half an acre, you'll stay in the stone edifice below the lighthouse, right in the Adriatic off the coast of Croatia.

Just a short flight from Panama City, Islas Secas, a boutique resort among a chain of small tropical islands, costs $3,465 a week.

This cozy island in the Caribbean, Isla Kiniw, is only accessible by boat and contains a tropical garden with birds and iguanas. It costs $4,950 a week.

Dent Island, in British Columbia, goes for $2,975 a week. If you like salmon fishing, this is the place for you.

Robert's Caye, in Belize, is only one acre and home to four thatched-roof cabanas that sit out over the water. One night here costs at least $155.

At $2,100 a week, Slipper Island is located in the Coromandel Peninsula off the coast of New Zealand. A water taxi will take you to other destinations in the area.

This 38 acre island is situated right in Maine's Muscongus Bay, only a quarter mile away from the mainland. It goes for $2,500 a week.

BONUS: Pumpkin Island, in Australia, costs $11,365 a week, but through a new contest sponsored by XXXX, an Australian beer company, you could win a chance to stay here for free.

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