Private Equity Titan Lionel Pincus Facing Property Lien

The Warburg Pincus co-founder is now facing a 1.86 million property lien in the wake of a lawsuit over who should get custody of his $50 million Pierre apartment.

Page Six: Everyone seems to want a piece of Lionel Pincus. The 78-year- old founder of private equity firm Warburg Pincus, who was legally ruled mentally incompetent in 2006, now has an IRS property lien against him for $1.86 million. The Post’s Braden Keil reports the judgment follows a nasty lawsuit involving Pincus’ two sons, who are his legal guardians, and his girlfriend, Princess Fir- yal of Jordan, over the disposition of his $50 million apartment in the Pierre Hotel. The princess wanted to make the 14-room duplex her home while Pincus’ sons, labelling her an “economically motivated interloper,” were allowed to put it up for sale.

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