Israel's Infamous 'Prisoner X' Leaked Secrets To Iran [Report]

The Australian-born Mossad agent who committed suicide while imprisoned in Israel on undisclosed charges leaked sensitive intelligence to Iran, according to a new book by investigative journalist Rafael Epstein.

The book, titled “Prisoner X,” contradicts other reports on the fate of 34-year-old Ben Zygier. It cites sources in Israel and Australia that allege the spy revealed his work of targeting Iran’s nuclear program to an Iranian businessman while in Melbourne in 2009.

“Put simply, Ben said too much to the wrong person at the wrong time,” Epstein wrote, according to Haaretz.

Sydney Morning Herald has more:

Sources in Australia and Israel claim the Iranian knew that what he was hearing was valuable, and relayed the information to Iran. Tehran’s security services started talking about the Mossad agent, and the details revealed by Zygier then became part of the electronic traffic between Iran and a European capital city. This electronic communication traffic was then picked up by the massive surveillance network operated by Israel.

The case of Zygier — later dubbed “Prisoner X” — sparked a huge stir after he was found dead in 2010 in a supposed “suicide-proof” cell.

Previous reports suggested that Zygier was imprisoned because he flew to Eastern Europe without authorization and tried to turn an associate of Hezbollah into a double agent. The attempt, according to previous reports, backfired and exposed two Lebanese nationals working for Mossad.

“That event, I am explicitly told,” Epstein told Haaretz. “Did not happen.”

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