Prison Populations Are Expected To Boom Now That The Economy Is Recovering

As the U.S. economy improves, people are going back to work, investing in their homes, and preparing to make new purchases. 

They’re also going to spend a lot more time in prison. 

Private prison company Corrections Corporation of America released a slide deck in June that we recently came across.

CCA is thrilled at the economic recovery. Recessions mean less tax collections. Less tax collections mean cut budgets, which mean fewer arrests and early releases. The end of the recession means a return to normalcy. 

Now that the nation is back on its feet, the world’s biggest jailer is about to get back to work. Before the recession, state inmate populations grew around 23,000 per month. The recession lead to small increases.

CCA forecasts make it seem like Americans are about to spend a lot more time in the clink than they have over the past five years. 

private prisons inmate forecast

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