This New Web App Will Make You Want To Ditch Google Reader

Let’s face it, you have a lot to do in your busy life and sometimes news just gets pushed to the back burner.

In a world where you can save articles and read them later using apps like Instapaper, we came across a new social approach called Prismatic.

Prismatic is a site that displays articles you’re likely to be interested in based on what your friends share. Think of it as Flipboard mixed with Google Reader. 

The site’s goal is to get the news that interests you the most to the front of the line.

Here’s what it looks like:


Things we really like:

  • The simplistic design of the site. There aren’t any animations or ads to get in the way.
  • If Prismatic gives us an article we don’t like we can tell it and it will get to know us better.
  • We like how interactive the app is. It really puts the user in control.
  • The app is backed by social. We love how we can see popular tweets based off of each article. It provides a type of commentary we can’t get from other services.

Things we hope get better:

  • Prismatic need an iPhone, iPad, and Android app ASAP.

We will definitely be using Prismatic. Overall we think the reader is a refreshing take on how digital readers work and we hope that with time it gets even better. Sign up for Prismatic now.

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