SCARY: These Slides Show How The NSA Watches Your Every Online Move

A top-secret April PowerPoint slideshow details how the National Security Agency partnered with nine tech companies, including Apple, Microsoft and Google, to monitor users activity. The NSA got direct access to these companies servers’ in order to directly watch user communications.

The program was nominally aimed at foreign actors, but as the Washington Post reports, purely domestic communications could easily end up in NSA hands, so long as an algorithm estimated at least a 51 per cent probability that they were foreign.

Here are the slides showing how the NSA got its hands on your data:

NSA via Washington PostNine companies participate in the program, starting with Microsoft in 2007. The following entrants were Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, YouTube, Skype, AOL and Apple. YouTube is a Google subsidiary and Skype is a Microsoft subsidiary.

PRISM slide crop 001

The NSA gets vast amounts of information from the participating companies —email, chats, videos, photos, stored data, voice-over-IP communications and more. The companies also take “special requests.”

prism slide 2

Many foreign communications travel through the U.S., giving the NSA the opportunity to intercept them.

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