What Priscilla Chan Really Thinks About Her Husband Mark Zuckerberg’s Hoodies

Priscilla Chan Mark Zuckerberg Beast

Mark Zuckerberg’s go-to outfit is a hoodie.

What does his wife, Priscilla Chan, think about that?

She told Today Show anchor Savannah Gunthrie that the hoodies are always clean, and they have vastly improved over the years, so she’s OK with his wardrobe choice.

“He has graduated to a nicer hoodie. The main quality about this hoodie that’s nicer is that it’s softer, so he’s really excited about that,” she said. “I’m happy with whatever he wants to wear, as long as it’s appropriate for where we’re going. So he can’t wear it to weddings. And he can’t wear it to baby showers. But he can do whatever else he wants. I’m pro-hoodie. He wears a fresh hoodie every day so that pretty much meets my lowest barrier for him.”