Pringles And Star Wars Have A Special Project Together [THE BRIEF]

star wars pringles darth vader

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

Pringles and Star Wars teamed together for a video contest called “The Force For Fun.” The brands asked consumers to make 30 and 60 second videos using both Pringles and Star Wars in the ad. You can watch the seven top videos on Pringles’ YouTube page.

Huge won Tempur-Pedic’s digital account.

Target and Facebook joined up for a new promotion called Cartwheel that lets users share deals with friends.

eBay North America VP and CMO Richelle Parham is leading a Google+ Hangout to discuss the role storytelling plays in digital commerce. You can join in at 12:30 pm EST here.

Tapad opened up two new offices in Dallas and Atlanta.

Sue Davidson joined R/GA as its new SVP. She was previously at Marketing Evolution.

Former Ad Age Washington editor Stan Cohen died of renal failure at 93 this week.

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