The Princeton Review gave Taylor Swift a great apology after misquoting her lyrics

On Monday, Taylor Swift called out a Princeton Review SAT practice test for misquoting her “Fifteen” song lyrics and claiming the lyric was grammatically incorrect .

The practice test read:

“Somebody tells you they love you, you got to believe ’em.”

But the actual lyric goes:

“Somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them.”

After a fan brought the lyric in question to the pop star’s attention, Swift joked on her Tumblr: “Not the right lyrics at all pssshhhh. You had one job, test people. One job.” She tagged her post, “#ACCUSE ME OF ANYTHING BUT DO NOT ATTACK MY GRAMMAR.” 

The Princeton Review was quick to respond and apologise, tweeting to its followers:

Swift fans were thrilled with the correction and quickly offered themselves up for the free tickets.