Princess Charlotte's birth certificate reveals what her mum and dad do for a living

Princess Charlotte’s birth certificate

Kensington Palace has released the birth certificate of Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, who was born on Saturday.

It reveals the occupations of her parents.

While Prince William, who served with distinction as search and rescue helicopter pilot in the RAF could have put down retired officer, or future King, the birth certificate lists “Prince of the United Kingdom” as his job, even though he’s currently training to become an Air Ambulance pilot.

Likewise Kate Middleton. The mother of two – Catherine Elizabeth, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, it says on the birth certificate – has “Princess of the United Kingdom” as her occupation.

But the reason she’s not called the Duchess of Cambridge and not Princess Kate is because you have to be royal by birth to take the title, otherwise, to use her correct title, she’d be known as Princess William of Wales, which even in a modern metrosexual era sounds a little confusing. When her father-in-law takes the top job, and her husband steps into his dad’s old shoes, then she’ll be known as HRH the Princess of Wales.

Princess Charlotte will undoubtedly follow the family firm’s trade.

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