Princess Charlotte looks exactly like her great-grandma Queen Elizabeth

Queen elizabeth princess charlotteAP; Getty/Chris JacksonFuture Queen Elizabeth II in 1930 and Princess Charlotte in 2016.

The royal family is currently touring Canada — and it’s the first international trip for William and Kate’s daughter Princess Charlotte, who just turned 1 in May. (Prince George, 3, already has a tour of Australia and New Zealand under his little belt.)

Now that photographers have captured hundreds of pictures of the toddlers on their Canada trip, sharp-eyed royal family fans have noticed something interesting: Charlotte is the spitting image of her great-grandmother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. (The Daily Mail was one of the first to point out this striking resemblance.)

Take a look for yourself: Here’s a photo shared on the Royal Family’s official Facebook page, showing Elizabeth at age 2 in 1928.

PostbyThe Royal Family.

Compare that smiling face to Charlotte’s in a photo taken earlier week: 

They both look adorable in hats, too. Here’s Elizabeth in 1927, at age 1, and Charlotte in 2016, at 10 months:

This left-hand image is from a 1929 cover of TIME magazine, when Elizabeth was 3 years old. Charlotte won’t be 3 until May 2018, but she already shares a number of features her great-grandmother: Large, round, light-coloured eyes, button noses, and pouts that turn down slightly at the corners: 

Only time will tell if the resemblance will stick as Charlotte grows up. But if Prince George’s trajectory is anything to go by, it looks like she’ll only get cuter with time. 

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