Prince's secretive $10 million estate is about to open as a museum

Paisley Park — Prince’s famed and highly secretive studio complex — will officially be turned into a museum for his fans, following a unanimous vote by t
he Chanhassen City Council on October 24.
Tours will begin October 28, and tickets are now on sale for tours through December, according to Billboard. The museum is expected to draw an estimated 600,000 people each year.

Paisley park stageKevin Mazur/Getty ImagesA stage inside Paisley Park, Prince’s estate.

Few people had the privilege of visiting the $10 million Minnesota estate while Prince was alive, except for the rare shows or parties he threw there.

Stretching 65,000 square feet, Paisley Park served as the late singer’s home, and included studios where he would record music. The decor is an extension of Prince’s glam style, and will appear almost identical to the way it looked when he lived there. The complex is also thought to contain unreleased recordings.

After Prince’s death in April, there was uncertainty about what kind of access the public might get to Paisley Park. The estate was set to open for a few weeks of tours beginning October 6, but the Chanhassen City Council
said they need more time to consider the plan because of concerns about traffic, parking, and public safety. All but three days of the tours were cancelled just a few days before they were set to start.

Following the council’s recent decision, Paisley Park will become a place where Prince fans can worship his legacy. Admission will cost either $38.50 or $100, depending if visitors want guided tours. The museum is slated to remain open indefinitely — for now. Prince did not leave a will, so his estate is currently tied up in legal battles over who will split his millions.

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