Did Prince just break the internet with his Australian tour ticket sales?

His Princeness. Photo: Getty Images.

US pop superstar Prince suddenly announced a 10-show tour of Australia and New Zealand late last week and within 60 minutes of tickets going on sale at noon today, at up to nearly $400 each, and despite a limit of two tickets per person, it looks like all the shows sold out within an hour.

The Piano & A Microphone tour starts in Melbourne next week with four shows at the State Theatre – two a day, the later one kicks off at 10pm – on February 16 and 17, followed by two shows at the Sydney Opera House on February 20 and then two shows at Sydney State Theatre on February 21 before he heads to New Zealand for shows at Auckland’s ASB Theatre on February 24.

Promoter the Dainty Group has gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent scalping, with each person limited to just two tickets and threats that anyone who buys more than two with have the additional tickets cancelled.

The tickets will not be issued prior to the shows.

Even “fan package” tickets, priced at between $750 and $970 each, are sold out.

The image greeting thousands of disappointed Prince fans as they attempted to book tickets for his Australian tour today.

Here are the strict rules for anyone lucky enough to get tickets:

Physical tickets will only be available for collection from the venue from 12noon on the day of the concert.

The purchaser and their guest must attend together to collect their tickets and be wrist banded at the time of ticket collection.

Photo ID, your booking account number and the credit card used will be required to match the name previously advised during the booking process and all of these must be shown in order to collect tickets.

Wristbands must be collected by the purchaser who is the only person authorised to collect tickets / wristbands.

You must present your photo ID, wristband and ticket to gain admission to the concert. Lost or damaged wristbands will not be replaced. No admittance and no refund will apply for wristbands lost or damaged.

The concert will feature a set list taken from his 39 album career, which includes 1999, Purple Rain, and Sign o’ the Times, and each performance “will have a unique set-list that evolves in real time, song-to-song”, Dainty Group says.

The gigs will also feature rarely performed B-sides, new material and songs he’s written for others, as well as covers by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Paul Robeson and Ray Charles. Prince has even played a Thelonious Monk-style version of the Batman theme since his tour started in the US on January 21.

Fans will also be given a CD of his new album HITNRUN – Phase II, as they leave the concert.

Coincidentally, Telstra’s 3G and 4G network began suffering nationwide outages from around noon today.

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