Balding Prince William has finally shaved his head -- take a look back at the road to acceptance

  • Prince William has shaved his head, suggesting he has finally embraced baldness.
  • Photos of his freshly shaven head emerged on social media on Thursday.

Though his thinning hair has long been the subject of ridicule by the media, Prince William appears to have embraced baldness: New photos emerged on Thursday of the Prince debuting a freshly shaven head.

The photos were taken while the Duke of Cambridge was at Evelina Children’s Hospital in London to launch a programme to help veterans find work in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) on January 18.

Here he is debuting the new cut:

Some close-up shots also emerged on Twitter:

The move appears to have been a drawn-out process.

Here’s a photo of him in October with a slightly longer, albeit wispy, ‘do:

In 2015, at the launch of the Centrepoint Awards, he looks to have combed some of it over:

On safari in 2014, he had more hair but a clearly receding hairline:

But one thing is for sure: We can officially say RIP to the head of hair he once had.

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