Prince William And Princess Kate Have Finished Their Kensington Palace Reno Job

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The British Royal Family’s newest parents are ready to move into their palace.

Prince William, Princess Kate and baby George have been slumming it in their two-bedder Nottingham Cottage while the finishing touches were being applied to Apartment 1A in Kensington Palace.

Now it’s ready and Us Weekly got the scoop on what it takes to keep a princess happy.

First and foremost, here’s where it’s located in the palace:

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And the detail:

– The couple have separate bathrooms, but share a bedroom, which apparently break with Royal tradition.

– The apartment has 20 rooms and two nurseries for George, a daytime playroom and a nighttime bedder.

– The entrance hall sports a $50K Persian rug (on loan from the Royal treasure chest), but Kate’s chucked in a couple of $129 faux fur throws for good measure.

– There’s a panic room.

– There’s five reception rooms, but only three bedrooms despite the fact the whole shebang is as long as your average city block. That’s because there’s also three kitchens – two for staff and one for the family.

– Kate wanted to decorate it herself, inspired by Princess Mary’s makeover of her Denmark pad. But she didn’t get to choose the curtains. That’s because they’re made of mesh to catch glass shards in case of any attack.

– The only things Kate ditched are the periwinkle walls and pale blue fabrics loved my the apartment’s former resident, Princess Margaret.

– HARRY IS MOVING IN. To nearby Apartment 4B, which by all reports, is “much more lush”. He’ll also get to take over Nottingham Cottage though.

All things considering, it’s pretty modest for a Royal couple, coming in at under 1.5 million pounds.

But it does come with the run of the palace and extensive surrounds for George to stretch his little Royal legs:

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