Prince William And Kate Middleton's Wedding Will Be Sold As A Music Album

kate middleton prince william

Photo: AP

Hours after Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton tie the knot on April 29, audio of their wedding will be available for purchase on iTunes.But if you can wait until May 10, you can buy the deluxe CD.

Digital singles of “tracks” — like the couple’s vows — will also be available, in case that’s the only thing you want coming up on your iPod.

The iTunes Store page for the CD right now lists a pre-order price of $11.99 and lists 11 unnamed tracks.

The running time is listed at 70 minutes.

Decca Records, the company issuing the recordings, did the same for Prince Charles and Princess Diana‘s wedding and Diana’s funeral. But they’ve never before released a royal event digitally.

Here’s hoping Prince Harry gets ahold of the mic and spices up what could be very stuffy coverage.

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