Prince Took His First Selfie Today, With An Old-School Camera

Because just about anything Prince does these days is news, here’s his first selfie:

Picture: Prince/Facebook

He posted it on Facebook early this morning, calling it ‘KNOWTHYSELFIE….’

You might note it wasn’t taken on a smartphone. His publicist released this statement to the Huffington Post:

Prince used an old-school camera because he doesn’t own a cellphone. He jokingly says, ‘We ban their usage anywhere around Us because We’re allergic 2 lithium and Everybodyelsies.’

Prince is notoriously anti-digital, so it’s a bit of a moment for him. He also once said “the internet is dead”.

But it’s still going strong and interest in Prince is equally at a new high, especially after the amazing performance he gave two weeks ago in breaking the record for the longest continuous performance on Saturday Night Live, when he played an amazing eight-minute set that included songs Plectrumelectrum, Anotherlove and Marz from PLECTRUMELECTRUM and Clouds from Art Official Age.

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