This is what Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and Prince Charles apparently said in their wedding speeches

  • The two royal wedding receptions were a hit, according to news reports.
  • Prince Charles, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle all gave speeches at the first, a lunchtime reception.
  • Harry said of his wife: “We make such a great team.”
  • Markle apparently told the crowd she had “found her prince.”
  • Meanwhile, Charles got some laughs with an anecdote about changing Harry’s diaper.

While the world tuned in to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot in the public part of their royal wedding on Saturday, they also held afternoon and evening receptions behind closed doors.

But reports suggest that both parties – and Harry’s wedding speech – were a success.

According to The Sunday Times, in front of 600 guests at the lunchtime reception at St. George’s Hall, the new Duke of Sussex told his new wife: “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

He reportedly added that Markle had “navigated everything with such grace,” most likely a reference to the distracting family drama that led up to the day.

“We make such a great team,” he said, stirring tears from some members of the audience, according to the report.

His references to her as “my wife,” meanwhile, were greeted with cheers from the crowd, according to the Daily Mail, and his promise that the American guests would not steal any swords from the castle garnered laughs.

Harry was also said to have paid tribute to Doria Ragland, Markle’s mother, who was a hit with the media during the wedding for her composure – and her nose ring.

Breaking tradition, Markle also made a speech, reportedly thanking the royals– particularly Prince Charles, who walked her down the aisle– for welcoming her.

“I have found my prince,” she said, according to The Sun.

Doria ragland prince charlesOwen Humphreys / GettyDoria Ragland, Meghan Markle’s mother, and Prince Charles.

Meanwhile, Charles gave “the most lovely, moving speech welcoming Meghan to the family,” a friend of Harry’s told The Times.

“He was incredibly loving and touching about Harry and spoke of how his son had grown into a ‘big man with a big heart,'” the friend said.

Charles also got big laughs from the crowd with an anecdote about changing Harry’s diaper, according to the Daily Mail, which quoted a guest at the reception as saying: “Charles spoke about feeding Harry a bottle and changing his nappy, and then said look how well he turned out. That’s about as embarrassing as it got.”

Peter Fearnhead, a guest at the wedding, told The Telegraph: “Prince Charles made a really gracious speech. It was really calming and amazingly endearing. He’s got a wonderfully dry sense of humour.”

Fearnhead added that Harry “was completely charming about Meghan.”

“They are so clearly in love,” he said. “We all had a tear in our eye.”

According to the Daily Mail, Charles finished his speech by saying: “My darling old Harry, I’m so happy for you.”

The evening reception, which saw the royal couple opt for a more glamorous look, was a bit more raucous, according to the Daily Mail, with a “naughty” speech from Prince William – though any references to Harry’s playboy past were held until after the older guests had left.

A guest told the news outlet that Harry got big laughs when he told the crowd, “Please, when you leave, be quiet as you don’t want to wake the neighbours.”

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