Prince Harry Spent The Night In A Freezer [PHOTOS]

Prince Harry and his team were “subjected to ambient temperatures of -35C (-31F), with wind speeds of 45 mph” when they spent 20 hours camping in a giant, military freezer, reports The Guardian.

Harry is leading a team of injured British military members on a 200-mile expedition to Antarctica. The UK team is competing against Team US and Team Commonwealth in a race from South Africa’s Capetown to South Pole proper.

Prince Harry Antarctica

From the Guardian:

Harry, patron of the Walking with the Wounded charity, joked that it was a cold night’s sleep. When asked what was the worst part, he said: “Going in.”

Prince Harry Antarctica

The chamber is typically used to put Britain’s military vehicles and gear through the rounds prior to fielding, the Guardian reports.

Prince Harry Antarctica

The competition is part of the yearly “Walking with the Wounded” challenge, established in 2010, which fundraises for re-education and rehabilitation of wounded veterans.

Prince Harry Antarctica

Here’s a map for the planned route, which is supposed to take 15 days at 12 miles a day to complete, the Guardian reports.

Alexander Skarsgard, star of True Blood, will head the US team, and Dominic West, star of hit series The Wire, will take the Commonwealth team.

South Pole Allied Challenge Map