Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may send their child to an American school over traditional Eton, reports say

Eton College, England. Fotogenix / Shutterstock
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may opt for a more Americanised education for their child, British newspapers reported on Sunday.
  • Citing royal insiders, The Sunday Times and The Mail on Sunday said that the Sussexes may consider the American Community School (ACS) in Surrey, England, over the previously royal-favoured Eton College, also in Surrey.
  • ACS promotes a more international approach to education, aiming to create “globally minded world citizens.”
  • Meghan is now around seven months pregnant and due to give birth sometime in April.

Eton College, England.

The nursery of England’s gentlemen” has educated 19 British prime ministers and 15 royals over the years, including Prince William and Prince Harry.

It was one of the original nine public schools (fee-charging, independent schools) in the UK and is defined by its traditions, such as the wall game and black tailcoats.

The royal family’s newest generation, though, may be setting tradition aside in favour of a more modern approach to education.

According to reports in The Sunday Times and The Mail on Sunday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will consider sending their child to an international college called the American Community School (ACS) in Surrey, England.

Meghan is now around seven months pregnant and due to give birth sometime in April.

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The Sussexes are understood to be in favour of a more diverse school, The Times says, citing those in royal circles.

“Our character is built on integrity, open-mindedness, and empathy,” reads the “Vision” section of the ACS’ website.

“We welcome people of all cultures from around the world to create a powerful, shared experience that shapes the way we teach and learn, and actively defines our international character.”

Prince harry eton college dorm room
Prince Harry in his dorm room at Eton. Kirsty Wigglesworth-Pool/Getty Images

ACS teaches international baccalaureate programmes instead of the traditional UK standard A-levels and also offers pupils aged 16-18 the opportunity to study for a US high school diploma. Its co-curricular activities including golf, African Drum Ensemble, and Rock Bands.

The school is located just 25 miles from central London, and sprawls across 20 acres of typical English countryside.

While Eton is a secondary school taking boys from the age of 13 to 18, ACS caters for both girls and boys from age 4 to 18.

Harry and Meghan are expected to move out of Kensington Palace and into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor after the birth of their baby, which will be within five miles of both Eton and ACS.

Meghan attended the private, all-girls Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles paid, in part, by her father’s state lottery winnings.

If Meghan and Harry do decide on the international college over Eton, they will at least save some cash by doing so.

The fees for ACS are a paltry £25,000 ($US32,000) a year compared to Eton’s loftier £40,000 ($US52,000).

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby will be seventh in line to the British throne and will probably have a different last name from the rest of the royal family.